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Clean interiors have been the centre of our attention for 15 years now

Originally a small company headquartered in the premises of the former Jihočeská energetika, we focused on cleaning office buildings. However, the Quality Certificate we were awarded – together with our professional approach and brisk demand - enabled us to extend the scope of our services, which now range from flooring, to moving, handyman services, decorating and painting.

Today, we have gone as far as cleaning lift shafts and windows of high-rise buildings, all hassle-free and with the help of special equipment.

It is a matter of course that we use only environmental-friendly and natural cleaning products.

As a Czech company operating in the region of South Bohemia, we are concerned with its development; hence we sponsor sports and cultural events in the region, and financially support the Fund for Children in Need, which is a fund for handicapped children.